Proroute 4G Routers

Proroute 4G Routers

Whether you need a compact, low cost 4G router for mass deployment for your M2M remote monitoring and management application, or an advanced LTE 4G Router solution with Load Balancing or VPN connectivity, Proroute have a 4G router solution to meet your requirements.

Entry level 3G / 4G Routers

Our entry level solution is the Proroute H Series which provides robust and reliable 3G and 4G connectivity solutions.  The Proroute H685 is our triedand tested compact solution providing 2 x Ethernet ports and WiFi and will suit the majority of M2M installations.  The H820 is the big brother, offering the same 3G or 4G connection options but with more Ethernet ports.

Mid Range 4G Routers

The Proroute GEM series of 4G Routers provides our customers with a premium 4G router solution and are particularly liked by the security industry especially where 4G connectivity is required for CCTV installations.

  • Proroute GEM420 4G Router
  • proroute GEM2M 4G Router

CAT6 4G Routers

The Proroute SPEEDROUTE® 4G Router is the latest high speed 4G mobile broadband solution providing fast 4G connection speeds using the Sierra Wireless CAT6 4G Modem and providing 4 x Ethernet Mports and high speed 802.11AC WiFi.