In Car Wi-Fi

If you need a reliable, high speed, industrial grade vehicle 4G router then the Proroute Speedroute H820Q is the solution.  Offering the fastest and most reliable 4G Connection, using the Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7430 CAT6 LTE 4G Modem to deliver the fastest 4G connectivity, coupled with high speed Qualcomm CPU  with 128MB (1024Gbits) RAM and 16MB flash and to deliver this high speed 4G service to the users the Speedroute 4G router includes Dual Band 2.4Ghz +5Ghz fast WiFi 802.11AC/a/b/g/n and for ease of installation into your vehicle it supports 5-60VDC input and has built-in PPTC fuse + Over-current and Over-voltage self recovering.

This makes the Speedroute H820Q CAT6 LTE 4G Router the ideal vehicle 4G router solution, we hope you will agree,