Support for the Proroute range of routers can be obtained in the first instance from our UK stockist, Westlake Communications / 3G Router Store who can be contacted on 0800 508 8366 or via e-mail using support @ email address. We will shortly be introducing extra guides which answer the most common questions relating to the installation and configuration of the Proroute 3G and 4G Routers including video guides. Please do not call us directly for technical support, unless you are a direct customer of Proroute Ltd we will refer you back to your supplier.


You can download the latest firmware for the Proroute 3G and 4G routers by visiting the FIRMWARE menu link or CLICK HERE


We have some video guides below that describe how to configure some of the Proroute router features.

Initial Proroute H685/H820 Configuration Guide


Configuring Proroute Link Connect / WAN Failover


Connect to Proroute PPTP server using Windows PC VPN