Proroute 3G Routers and 4G Routers offer high speed wireless broadband connectivity solutions for your Office or M2M application.

Ensuring the highest levels of reliability the Proroute routers are ideal for M2M Gateway connectivity solutions providing a high speed wireless broadband internet connection using the 3G and 4G mobile networks for remote monitoring and management applications including CCTV, Digital Signage, Remote Media and Energy (Wind / Solar) monitoring.


Proroute HSPA+ 3G Routers offer the highest levels of functionality and reliability.  With a proven track record of installations within the M2M industry including Digital Signage / Remote Media, CCTV and Wind / Solar Energy monitoring and management the Proroute 3G routers can offer a simple, low cost wireless broadband solution for your M2M application.

Proroute 3G Routers


Since the 4G spectrum auction in 2012 and the deployment of high speed 4G LTE networks in the UK the demand for high speed 4G Routers has risen sharply.  Proroute have addressed this need with the introduction of high speed 4G versions of our popular M2M 3G routers.  So if you need a reliable, high speed M2M 4G router solution then choose a proroute 4G router.

Proroute H820 3G Router